Sup Ch Shallany’s Rebel With A Cause (Imp CAN). 2016 No. 1 Pomeranian Victoria

Sup Ch Shallany's Rebel With A Cause (Imp CAN), 2016, No. 1, Pomeranian ,Victoria

Sup Ch Shallany’s Rebel With A Cause (Imp CAN).
2016 No. 1 Pomeranian – Show Dog of the Year Competition – Victoria
2016 No. 1 Pomeranian – Breed Challenge Competition – Victoria

With limited outings during 2016 thrilled with Rebel’s achievements. Thank you to his breeder Colleen Fitzpatrick for sharing this boy and a BIG thank you to the other half of the Dochlaggie team Jarrod Tyler.

Just received this lovely message from a Dochlaggie owner

” Hi Denise,
This message is long overdue, and hope it finds you well.
We absolutely adore Ana, actually anyone that comes into contact with her comments on what a sweet, beautiful natured little girl she is. Ana is so playful and affectionate towards us. In the new year we will be enrolling in puppy classes- so we will keep you updated on her progress.
Thank you for choosing me to adopt her. She is loved to pieces ”
Dochlaggie pomeranian Dochlaggie pomeranian

Royal Melbourne Show 2016 Pomeranian Critiques

Thrilled with the Royal Melbourne Show 2016 Pomeranian Critiques by Judge Yolanda Nagler.
Best of Breed was Australian Supreme and Canadian Champion Shallany’s Rebel With A Cause ( imported Canada). Best Pomeranian Puppy in Show was Dochlaggie Deagol The Hobbit and Bitch challenge winner was Dochlaggie Blak Barbie.
Pomeranian Critique by Judge Yolanda Nagler:
Best of Breed: Well balanced and proportioned head, lovely expression, good pigment, correct muzzle, scissor bite, compact short body, level topline, correct tailset, good chest and agulation behind, moved well.
Best Puppy: Typical balanced head and body, nice dark eyes, correct stop, scissor bite, correct muzzle. needs time to mature, well set tail, good coat and texture. “
best pomeranian royal melbourne show 2016
best pomeranian puppy royal melbourne show 2016