Melbourne Pomeranian Christmas Party. Sunday 4th December, 2016. We will advise the location at a later date.  I have made a page which is linked to our group. O.K. People please help us and all ” LIKE” this page. Circle this date on your calendar and we are looking forward to seeing many Pomeranian owners and lovers attend our Melbourne Pomeranian Christmas party.

Pomeranians Lovers an important message to all.
Looking forward to meeting many Pomeranians. We have Pomeranians of all shapes, sizes and colours at our Pomeranian meet-ups together with their human parents and kennel club registration is NOT a requirement. This is an informal gathering of Pomeranians and their humans.

Up to date vaccinations would be a good and essential idea for young Pomeranians. As this event is usually held in a park which allows dogs please also ensure your Pomeranian has adequate flea protection.

We hope to organise similar Pomeranian Meet-Ups  Australia wide. Message us if you would like details. Julie has many things planned for a great day.