Melbourne Pomeranian Meet-Up, 17th June 2018, Melbourne Pomeranians, Melbourne PomeranianHi everyone, our Melbourne Pomeranian Meet-Up for Sunday 17th June is confirmed at The Dog Cafe in Boronia. Details are:
– The Dog Cafe is located at the REAR OF 120 Boronia Road, Boronia
– Time: 11.00am to 12.30pm
– Car parking: There is a car park off Park Crescent (which is off Boronia Rd)
IMPORTANT: Please enter The Dog Cafe from the car park (see pic attached).
Hope to see you and your poms there.
(PS – As they have kindly waived their fee for us [$75 for 1.5 hours], they would appreciate it if our group members could purchase a cup of coffee or something to eat. Thank you.)