In a nutshell, how these Dochlaggie’s kids became McCue’s.

Majority of my story will be all about my hairy’s so I will start in telling you a little bit about myself and how the Pomeranian breed became a part of my life. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Jen and I am addicted to Pomeranians, especially of the Dochlaggie variety.

Jen with Brian the Pomeranian

Jen with Brian the Pomeranian

I started my habit back in 2008 when I made a random comment that I would own a Pomeranian one day. This sent my sister off on a mission to find me the best. From memory I think she spent a good 6+ months hunting for that one special one. She knew that with my lifestyle at the time I would be much better suited to an older pom looking for a home rather than a puppy. This was how the quest for my sexy hardcore man unit came about…the one and the only…Brian. I was shown a picture of him on Denise’s website and it was something about that scrunched up nose and toothy smile that had me hooked. After a brief discussion, the idea wasn’t mentioned again. I didn’t know at the time that my sister had set the wheels in motion to have him travel to the west coast. It was only when I received a phone call asking me to come to her place after work that I would find out what she was up to. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary as this was a normal thing for me to do. It was this afternoon that I got to meet the man that will forever hold the key to my heart.

I work as an Electrical and Instrumentation Designer for different EPCM companies around Perth. It was in 2010 whilst sitting in my office (online shopping for my monkey) that I found myself completely “off track” and browsing Denise’s Dochlaggie website. I had a “brain fart idea” that Brian would love a “brutha from another mutha”. It was at this moment that I seen a little white mug shot that I fell in love with. This would be my Snoop. I wasn’t quite prepared or knew what to expect from Snoop, I kind of made the rookie mistake of thinking that he would be just as perfect as Brian. Oh how very wrong I was, the challenge had well and truly been set.

Brian had came over to me at the age of 5 whereas Digs was just 4 months old. I had a lot of learning to do.

I will never forget Snoop’s first trip in the car to his nans. I could have boxed him up and shipped the little turd burger back. I had just finished getting tailor made sheepskin seat covers made for my car and half way through our trip Digs decided to unload what could have possibly been the biggest sloppiest turd right smack bang in the middle of the back seat. It was huge for what was a baby Snoop dog and this was the start of Snoop and my love for each other.

I have learnt a lot from Brian and Snoop. I was so very green when it came to the pomeranian breed. I knew nothing about anything really. Right down to all the different coat colours or the dreaded puppy uglies (Snoop took first prize for that one) or the medical conditions that some poms are prone to. It has and will continue to be a massive learning curve and am thankful to my boys for teaching me. Its the love for them that makes me google and investigate every follicle on their bodies.

Lulu Pomeranian McCue

Lulu Pomeranian McCue

When Brian passed away in July last year, I’m not going to lie, I was not in a good place. I never thought I would have another one. Not one that would remind me so much of him anyway.Then in December 2013, along came my little Nator machine, “Lulu”. Again, I did not know she would be making the big trip west. I had known that Denise was looking for a home for her but I had been so adamant that if I were to have another one then I wanted another boy and wolf sable was my first preference of course (I was looking for my Brian which I knew deep down I would never find). My mum had organised for Lulu to come over knowing not much about her. I cannot repeat what my exact words were when I seen her but Nator won me over in the first few minutes when she busted out the “dirty bastard” right in front of me on the couch! Pretty much from this moment forward I have had a permanent shadow. It was revealed later that Lulu was in fact Brian’s niece. This would explain the extreme similarities that they both share. I think it also could be one of the reasons that we just “clicked” with each other straight away, she has one of those unique personalities everyone seems to fall for.

I think the hardest thing about owning a pom is those unfortunate times when you have to leave them. I experienced this recently when I had to take a role that required me to do a 3 week rotation out of Hedland. Three weeks away from them felt like a lifetime when you are used to spending every other non-working minute including them in your daily activities.

When I had a contract in Perth, I set up a monitor at home so I could “check in” on them. Sometimes that would be all you needed to put a smile back on your face. They really are the ultimate breed, a pocket full of cheekiness.

One of my ultimate dreams is to own a beach front cafe for pet lovers just like myself. I love taking the kids out for their Sunday breakfasts or baby chinos and think it would be great to be able to have them come to work with you. It was either that or win lotto and purchase a massive property down in Margs or Dunsbourgh and convert it into a 5 star retirement village for poms.

Activities I love to do with my kids

Brian Pomeranian McCue's wardrobe

Brian Pomeranian McCue’s wardrobe

As you have probably gathered by now, I do on the odd occasion like to purchase an outfit or 2 for my kids. Brian was the main instigator in what was to eventually become a seriously bad habit of online shopping addiction. I have seen myself on several occasions having to drop my credit card (note: I used mine not Bri’s) into a container of water to stick in the freezer to try remove any sudden urges of retail therapy. It was his poster boy good looks and enviable physique that fueled my craze. Bri could have made a potato sack look like it had just walked off of a Paris runway.

Digs also became accustomed to wearing clothes although he tires quickly of all the paparazzi attention I lather on him so Nators has had to “take one for the team” and has become my next victim.

We enjoy SUPping and plenty of beach visits in the warmer months (Digs is quite a fan of the deep blue) and on nice days I like to take the kids out with their nan for a cooked breakfast down at one of the foreshores or sometimes just to enjoy a stroll and a chino, a visit to the ice cream parlor or fish and chips on the beach. If their is an event on where the kids are welcome, you will no doubt see us there as most of my time off is spent with them so if they are not welcome then we don’t go.

How their “aka” names came about.

Brian was named before he came over to me. There was no way I would have changed his name, he had been “Brian” for 5 years. I do however have a lot of nicknames for him, Snoop and Lulu. A few of them were Butterball, Monkey and Mania. I used to refer to him as monkey more than anything, cause he was a cheeky boy and butterball came about cause…well…he was fat!

Digs come about by mistake really. I used to call him “Diggity” from the Dr Dre song “No Diggity”…keeping in with the rap theme hence Snoop as in “Snoop Dogg”. Mum didn’t quite work out that I was saying diggities and used to call him diggies. So by default we call him Digs.

Lulu’s is pretty simple really. Not long after she got here I started calling her “The Lulu-nator”. Its not hard to see how she ended up being aka “Nators”.

I hope you have enjoyed reading a little about me and the kids. I have included on the next page, 10 things you may not know about Brian, Snoop and Lulu. Its more so some of their quirks, traits and habits. They have plenty more but these were a few that came to mind.

1o things you may not know about my kids

1). Brian has his own wardrobe.

One of my favourite past times was online shopping for my monkey. I was always on the google looking for his next outfit, costume or accessory to add to his ever growing collection. Brian had his own credit card which was used for expenses such as medical, clothes, grooming etc. I had set him up a bank account which I would transfer his pocket money into on a weekly basis. I would tell him that he had to complete his weekly chores in order to receive his “wages” (but we all know that was a lie). You might find it surprising that the butterball had chores to attend to but after all the family meetings that he arranged we came to a compromise. I didn’t ask much of him just that he be a good boy when I was at work, eat all his dinners and make sure he gets plenty of sleep time so we could enjoy our daily walks to maintain his sexy physique. The boy could have earnt himself a PHD in sleeping, he was an expert at it.

2). I was originally going to call Snoop “Gary

Snoops Pomeranian McCue

Snoops Pomeranian McCue

Haha, yep! True story! I was going to name Snoop after Spongebob Squarepants pet snail Gary. I don’t know what is was though, something kept drawing me back to the name “Snoop”.

3). Snoop likes to be elevated when he sleeps

One of Digs household rules is he likes to be the first one in bed so he gets to choose the pillow he wants, more times than not he will go right. Lulu has claimed Brian’s bed I had him specially made as her own. She isn’t silly, this spot has maximum a/c flow.

4). Snoop and Lulu believe they have been hired by neighbourhood watch.

Digs and Nator truly believe that they are under cover superheroes sent to downtown Secret Harbour to fend off bad guys and keep watch for any criminal activity that might be going down in their hood. They generally practice their routine from the safety of the garage or if Digs hears a louder than normal noise he will hide in the toilet and make me go investigate while he covers me from behind. Saying this though, he still thinks he is as bad ass as they come. Lulu is a lot more “beastly” in her approach. She makes the largest of breeds check their knickers as they walk past her yard.

5). Lulu has a trade mark move.

Yes, the one trade mark move that Brian had mastered, Lulu does as well. The “Dirty Bastard”. She not only can do it, she has nailed it!

6). Snoop doesn’t enjoyed being fussed over.

I always say that Brian and Lulu love to be loved whereas Digs is a whole other story. I have to force Snoop to show his affection. For example, pin him down to the bed and make him give me a kiss good night, he wont just hand them out freely.

7). Digs enjoys “Snoop time”.

Generally Digs is an easy going and social kind of guy. Yet, there are times when he acts a little strange. For instance, sometimes for no reason he will go hide under the bed or take himself off to the theatre room slinky couch for some quality Snoop Dawg “loner” time. I think he would rather refer to it as his “let everything hang out” sexy time though. Either that or he has just pooped his knickers and doesn’t want me to see due to the result being a bum wash.

8). Snoop gets shy when going for a poop.

He will spend as much time as needed to find the perfect pooping spot, it is generally around a corner out of public viewing which I do have to say is very considerate of him.

Snoops Pomeranian McCue out driving

Snoops Pomeranian McCue out driving

9). The kids most favourite past time is “Driving”.

I’m sure deep down Snoop is hoping to see some babes outside hosing down their doghouses in bikinis. I have seen myself going for a drive just so the hairy’s can come along for the ride.

10). Brian has been titled.

Ancient tradition is that if you own land in Scotland, this allows you to style yourself with a title. Brian’s nan bought him a plot of land in Lochaber Highland Estate in Scotland which not only gives him the title of “Laird Brian McCue” but it also helps to preserve and maintain the land that has had centuries of deforestation. Just another way my butterball liked to contribute to charity organisations.