The love affair of Polo and Soufflé Nguyen-Chou

My name is Pamela and I’m a Pomeranian-addict. My love for dogs started when my parents got me my first ‘sister’ at the age of 6. I played with her everyday and we grew up together but unfortunately she was stolen. My family was devastated and we didn’t have another dog until I was 13. My first black and tan Pomeranian girl. This was when my love for Pomeranians started.

Sadly, my Pomi was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 12 and she passed away not long after her 13th birthday. At this time, we still had Nini and Deedee. But they are our family pets and I was on the lookout for my ‘own’ Pomeranians. This is when I fell in love with Dochlaggie Pomeranians. I loved the look of every Dochlaggie pom and Denise’s dedication to her poms. I kept stalking the Dochlaggie facebook page until one night, I had a dream that a puppy will come home with me. Guess what? Baby Polo was born the next day! So on the last day of 2014, Polo baby came home with us.

My partner and I picked Polo out of his litter on first sight. He was the chubbiest puppy with a black bottom. We both fell in love with him when we picked him up from Denise’s house. He is the cutest and sweetest baby boy. Very clingy and was so easy to train. He mastered tricks such as ‘lay, sit, shake’ within the first few weeks. I guess it’s his love for ‘food’ that inspired him.

Months went past and we thought, it’s time to get Polo a playmate. Again, fate kicked in. Soufflé and her sisters were born only a couple weeks after. I was so excited when I read the post that she was looking for a forever home. We named her Soufflé because of how fluffy and soft she is. Just like a yummy soufflé.

Soufflé and Polo bonded on first sight. Little Soufflé begged to play with Polo as she was still in our arms. The two have had their ups and downs. They both love the same toys, they both love the same chew sticks. Yes, the same stick! If Soufflé were to chew on one stick, Polo would sneak from behind and steal it off her. Soufflé will then steal it back. They both love their food and will do anything for food. They love their cuddles and both love to chew on mummy’s hair.

I’m so glad we found these two cheeky monkeys and Denise for trusting us with them. I’m sure our love for these two will continue to grow and they will remain best friends forever.

Thank you Pamela for sharing the story of Polo and Soufflé.