How and Where to Purchase A Pomeranian Puppy


Purchasing a Pomeranian PuppyFirstly I must point out that impulse buying has no place in pet ownership. Your Pomeranian puppy will be a member of your family for many years. A little extra time spent doing research will save you lots of heartache.

The purchase price of a pom is a minimal investment, compared to the emotional investment – or the vet bills, if you are unlucky enough to buy a poor quality, sickly dog, from an unregistered kennel, pet breeder, registered backyarder or a pet shop puppy.

My advice is to never purchase your Pomeranian from a Pet shop, Puppy Farm or Backyard Breeder.

These “breeders” are only interested in producing puppies with no care at all about the quality. Most Pet shop puppies come from Puppy Farms, where the mother of the Puppy whelps 5 litters in squalor and is then put to sleep. The puppies reared in horrid dirty conditions are very hard to house train. Do not purchase the puppy because you feel sorry for the puppy. This only continues the cycle, next day the puppy you have purchased will be replaced by another.

Another type of breeder to avoid are often referred to as “registered backyarders”.

Registered backyarders are registered with the kennel club and breed dogs with the main focus on producing quantity. Quality is rarely important in these situations. Do not be fooled into purchasing a puppy from a registered backyard breeder.

Signs of a “Registered backyarder” are usually the quality of the Pomeranians produced and most are not active exhibiting their Pomeranians. Ask a few important questions of your breeder i.e. Is either parent a Champion ? How many Champions have you bred ? If neither parent is titled ( a term for being a Champion) or this breeder has not bred any Champions, keep searching for another breeder.

Purchasing a Pomeranian PuppyPomeranian’s bred by “show” Pomeranian breeders typically appear different to puppies produced elsewhere. The major contributing factor to the difference is “show” breeders must breed their dogs to conform as closely as possible to the Pomeranian breed standard. Through taking part in dog shows, show Pomeranian breeders are able to assess and evaluate progress made with breeding programs. Future puppy owners frequently use phrases such as “Teddy Bear ” or Teacup” Pomeranian when contacting breeders, attempting to express their desire for a Pomeranian puppy correct to breed type. Read more on Pomeranian Breed type here.

Backyard Pomeranian Breeders ( registered and otherwise) are a little better than the puppy farmers, who supply pet shops in that most do care for there dogs. But their breeding bitch is still just a pomeranian puppy producing machine. These “backyarders” have no idea of the lines and faults behind there breeding bitch. They have no interest in mating there girl to the best possible male to improve the puppies or to insure that they do not double up on faults. Their only reason for breeding is greed and they mate their girl to any male that is available with no regard to genetic compatibility. In the majority of cases these backyarders do not have any registration papers for their so called breeding dogs . “Backyarders” will even mate brother and sister, father and daughter, why worry about the resulting problems in years to come, as long as they obtain puppies who look cute and fluffy at 8 weeks.

Important safeguards include purchasing your Pomeranian Puppy from a reputable, registered, SHOW Breeder and avoiding “breeders” who sell unregistered Pom puppies.

If you do not have a kennel club issued registration certificate for your puppy, you have purchased in my opinion a cross breed puppy. Why settle for second best?

Purchasing a Pomeranian PuppyIf you purchase a puppy without the original documentation there is no guarantee the puppy is purebred. Please do not support puppy mills, unregistered breeders and unregistered puppies.

In Australia, registered breeders must register all puppies.A typed or written pedigree chart or a so called pedigree document is not a kennel club issued registration certificate. A registration certificate, in my state in Australia, Victoria is a blue form for full registration and an orange form for pet puppies on limited registration. This is to certify the puppy is a pedigree purebred.

Puppies sold for Breeding/Exhibition or Export must have full registration i.e. a Blue kennel club form. Pet Puppies will be sold with an Orange Registration form i.e. on Limited Registration. Limited Registration means that you have a cetificate to say your puppy is purebred and you have a certificate of is lineage. Limited Registration means that your puppy is sold as a pet only and is not for breeding, exhibition or export purposes. Do not purchase your puppy from a breeder who does not register all their puppies.

You are entitled to check with the kennel club in your state if the breeder is a registered breeder by contacting the kennel club. A quick search with Google will quickly give you contact details or just check my links section of this site.

Do a lot of research before you purchase. If you are reading this article you are searching for Pomeranians on the Internet. Read the Pomeranian Handbook for complete Pomeranian Information.

Beware of Puppy Scams

The internet has made it very easy for a puppy farmer/sub standard breeder to present there wares to the unsuspecting puppy buyers. There are many scams on the internet. Some of the scammers are stealing photos from the Top Breeders web sites and representing the puppies pictures as there own inferior quality puppies. In some cases these scammers do not have any puppies for sale at all.

One of the most common scams is the request for you to forward funds for the freight for a free puppy that is in need of a good home. You think you are giving a puppy a loving home and getting this puppy for free. If you send money the only thing that will happen here is the scammer will disappear with your funds.

If it sounds too good to be true, it is usually not true. Another scam is to request you the buyer to only send half the purchase price of the puppy prior to shipping. NO registered breeder will ship a puppy without full payment for the puppy and freight.

Ask for more photos of the puppy at different ages and different angles. If the photos are stolen the person selling the puppy will not be able to supply more photos of the puppy that they claim to be selling. Ask to see photos of the parents of the puppy. If the person claiming to have this puppy for sale refuses to comply with your request for more photos. Look elsewhere for your new family member. The majority of people can quickly take a photo with there mobile phone if they are a genuine seller.

pomeranian puppyI often find photos of my lovely Pomeranians used on dubious puppy sales sites. One “lady”even used her intiative and drew a pink heart over my watermark. When I emailed her, she tried to sell me my own puppy.

Always ask to visit the Breeder and to see the parents of your new baby. Seeing the parents and the environment the Pomeranians are raised in will give you a very good idea of how the puppy will develop.

If you are prepared to travel to visit and the breeder refuses, purchase your Pomeranian from another breeder who does allow you to visit her/his home and view the Pomeranians.

The usual reasons a “breeder”wont allow you to visit include operating an unregistered kennel and keeping too many dogs often in squalid conditions. Avoid “breeders” who request you collect your new family member from a carpark etc.

If distance prohibits visiting the breeder, ask for photos, details of size, colour of both parents.

Carefully check the photos sent to you by the Breeder. Does the puppy look happy and confident? Puppies who have been properly socialised will not look frightened and miserable in photos. No amount of dressing the puppy up in beads, flowers etc will change the expression on a nervous, very frightened puppy.

Carefully check the Breeder’s web site (Good Breeders will have a web site). If the “breeder”does not have a website go elsewhere for your puppy. Dont be fooled here, a facebook page, photo upload sites, or youtube etc are not breeder websites.

Pomeranian Breeders that are there for the long term benefit of the breed will register a domain name and take a lot of time to carefully construct an informative and well designed website. In short their enthusiam for the Pomeranian breed will be reflected in their Pomeranian website.

Check the quality of the Pomeranians displayed. Do the Pomeranians look, happy, well cared for and healthy in photos?

Purchase your new family member from a Pomeranian breeder who is interested in protecting and promoting the Pomeranian Breed.

Ask the Breeder a few questions if the information is not readily displayed on there web site.

How big will the puppy grow? Ask about the size of both parents. If this seller tells you they have teacup, miniature or toy Pomeranians, go to another Breeder. Registered Reputable Breeders do not describe there Pomeranians by these terms. The correct size for a Pomeranian is 2 to 2.5. kilos. There are no breed of dogs called teacup, miniature, brushtail or toy Pomeranians… just POMERANIANS.

Buy A PomeranianHas the puppy been Health checked ?

Ask about any health problems found ?

Has the Puppy been wormed on a regular basis?

Has the puppy been vaccinated and will a vaccination certificate signed by a veterinarian be available with this puppy?

Is the puppy micro chipped? Most states in Australia now require Breeders to microchip all animals prior to sale. Do not purchase a puppy that has not been micro-chipped. Upon purchase you should receive a vaccination certificate signed by the Breeder’s Veterinarian and a Microchip Certificate.

Are the parents of the puppy DNA profiled? A good breeder will DNA profile Breeding stock Ask whether it is possible to see the parents DNA certificate.

Does the Breeder do Health testing? A good breeder will be screening breeding stock for genetic problems.Ask the breeder what health testing they are currently doing.

A Breeder that is not interested in using modern advances to better the Pomeranian Breed should be regarded as suspect. What could the reasons any Breeder have for not DNA profiling or doing genetic testing on breeding Pomeranians?

Is the Breeder involved in exhibiting Pomeranians, or agility, Pomeranian Rescue or obedience?

A good Breeder will be involved in these activities. Only purchase from a Breeder who is actively involved in the Pomeranian Breed. Ask yourself the following question……….. Why would any Pomeranian Breeder not exhibit their Pomeranians and want to be proud to show the world their Pomeranians?

A Good Breeder will have a contract that should be signed by both parties. You will also be provided with a diet chart for your new puppy.

Avoid breeders who offer credit card, paying by installments or instant methods of payment online, including paypal. Beware of any “Breeder” who is in a hurry to close the “deal”.

Good Breeders will expect you to have your new Pomeranian baby checked by your Veteranian within 48 to 72 hours of purchase and will offer to refund your purchase price if any health defect is found.

Purchasing a Pomeranian Puppy

Visit the Pomeranian Resource Website for more information on the Pomeranian Breed.

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