Goodness. Where do I start?

My love for Pomeranian started when I was 11. My friend has a beautiful white pom and I keep nagging my parents to get me one. After several weeks of nagging, our family finally have our first pom, K. He was the sweetest dog, never bark (just howl when ice cream man came around), always happy to see you home, always happy to see anyone. Unfortunately he doesn’t stay with us long – he went missing after a year and we couldn’t find him. It might be a short stay but it’s the beginning of my love for the breed.

I have always wanted another Pom for years, but it’s not until early 2013 it was possible for me to consider. It started as a joke to my partner and friends, I said “When we move to our place, I’m going to have pom.” My partner thought that I’m joking, I thought I am joking! But the joke grew into serious consideration (I don’t know how, maybe cute puppy photos help :p). Before I know it I am looking for a breeder and before long, I came across Denise and the beautiful Dochlaggie poms.

We waited for 6 months before we pick this little boy from the airport. My heart skipped a beat when I first met him.

pomeranian Tofu travelling in the car

Pomeranian Tofu travelling in the car

Behind the name

We picked the name Tofu way long before we were contacted for available puppy. The name is Eric’s idea and I kind of like it. The main idea is that he is soft and fluffy and sweet. My sister told me that

Well. Apparently, he is the naughtiest in the litter. I guess he got versatility, which what the food “Tofu” also have :p

Living with the notorious cheeky bum

Tofu is easy to train, the hard part is to become a human who are easy to understand and worth listening to. He will look at me, think about my command and contemplating “Why do I need to do what you ask me to do?”

It’s a battle of will and wits. Sometimes he’s just too clever for his own good and we find it adorable. He is the loveliest and cutest little bum but butter won’t melt in his mouth, at least most of the time.

Trivia: Puppy Tofu once woke his dad by doing the smelliest poop in the bedroom carpet 😂

“You wake up when I wake up. Then we go for walkie.”

Tofu the Pomeranian loves walks.

Tofu the Pomeranian loves walks.

Some owners have non-early morning poms. Like me, I have an early pom that wakes up at 5:40am on most days, sometimes 4am and sometimes 6am. One thing for sure, he WILL wake me up when he wakes up, weekends and weekdays. It can be hard on weekdays but I wouldn’t miss it. Early morning is one of the best cuddle times ^_^.

Eva, thank you for sharing Tofu’s story.