How to Potty Train a Pomeranian Puppy Tips

Pomeranian Toilet Training

After receiving numerous emails asking for help with house training a Pomeranian, I decided there was a need for Pomeranian training tips. Establishing house rules, such as toilet training for your Pomeranian puppy, is crucial for fostering a positive relationship between the puppy and its human family. Pomeranian puppy owners often ask how to potty … Read more

Discovering the Truth About Teacup Pomeranians: Why They May Not Be What You Think

Teacup Pomeranian Puppy

Pomeranians are adored for their adorable, fluffy appearance and unyielding loyalty. But did you know that what people commonly call a “teacup” Pomeranian might not be what it seems? In truth, the term is often used mistakenly – those labeled as “teacups” are typically just the show standard Pomeranian breed meticulously bred by Preservation breeders. … Read more

Pomeranian Vaccination Schedule

Pomeranian Baby

Pomeranian Vaccinations This article explains in detail why Pomeranian owners, especially new puppy owners must adhere to a Pomeranian vaccination schedule. I will explain details of the required puppy vaccination list, how many vaccinations do puppies need and when do puppies need their shots? A Pomeranian puppy vaccination schedule and why owners must vaccinate puppies. … Read more