How to Show a Pomeranian Show Dog

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Where Do I Start to Exhibit my Pomeranian Show Dog?

You’ve decided you wanted to learn how to exhibit your Pomeranian show dog,  but you are not even sure if he is a show quality Pomeranian.  You don’t know where to begin, well you are at the right place, Pomeranians Australia is here to help you.

The initial step is to contact your State Canine Association and ask what you have to do to join. Each State Canine Association is a member of a much bigger organisation known as the Australian National Kennel Council Limited (ANKC).

Show Quality Pomeranian
Show Quality Pomeranian

The ANKC is the administrator for everything related to pure breed canines within Australia. However, it never deals directly with breeders, judges or exhibitors of pure breed dogs.

What is Dog Showing?

Dog shows (aka conformation shows) are a type of show where the judges who have great familiarity with a certain breeds assess the dog breeds exhibited at this show. The judge assesses how well the dog conforms to a Pomeranian Breed Standard, which has been established for each dog breed.


Dog Judge

A judge is a qualified person who evaluates dogs at conformation shows. In small shows, one judge may do all classes and breeds.

Pure Bred Dogs

Any modern dog breed dog that has a documented ANKC pedigree listed in a State Canine Association stud book.

Pomeranian Breed Standard

These are guidelines that cover the requirements of each dog breed dog including temperament, movement and appearance in relation to that specific breed. The Pomeranian Breed Standard used within Australia can be downloaded HERE: Pomeranian Breed Standard.

Showing your Pomeranian

Now it’s time for you to grab that lead, brush your Pomeranian, make your way to the ring and have plenty of fun!
Whilst you may not win at your first time, remember not to be discouraged. You have to be in it to win it. Attend lots of shows, get to know people, get known yourself and remember that you should be enjoying yourself.

Pomeranians love pleasing their owner and are natural performers. They excel in the show ring because of their love for audiences. Their faces are gorgeous and their coats shine, making it easy for them to attract the spotlight in any situation.

Grooming your Pomeranian like a show dog.
Grooming your Pomeranian like a show dog.

The decision to show your Pomeranian (or any other breed) is very exciting but also daunting. It’s definitely not for the faint-hearted. Although it’s fun to train, there’s lot’s of work as well. An apt analogy is this – “You reap what you sow.”

Hours of planning, training and grooming are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes time for your show. There’s a financial commitment that includes attire, equipment and entries. You’ll also have to investigate the cost of buying a Pomeranian show dog.

Showing dogs is rewarding and difficult. It’s regarded as a sport for genuine lovers of dogs. It has been practiced by generations of people and has been a method for bettering and preserving breeds.

It can be hard to get into showing Pomeranians, owing to small litter sizes and the scarcity of people dedicated to breeding show quality Pomeranians here in Australia.

Plenty of show Australian Pomeranian breeders are very keen to help people start; so, if you show your high level of commitment, then luck may be on your side.

Presentation is Important

The key point when showing dogs is presentation, not just for your dog but also for you. You should wear casual business when you’re proudly showing your show quality Pomeranian.

Showing dogs is focused a lot on presentation, not just that of your dog, but also yourself; in the ring dressing in casual business attire will ensure that you’re dressed for success as you handle your furry bundle of joy.

After you have picked the brains of numerous knowledgeable Pomeranian show breeders/exhibitors, read plenty of articles online and purchased as many Pomeranian books as possible, you’re probably wondering – “what’s next?”

Necessary Pomeranian Paperwork

Ensure your Pomeranian’s ANKC paperwork is in order. This means your state canine controlling body membership must be current and your Pomeranian is on Main Register and is registered in your name. Talk to your Pomeranian breeder about your plans and ask for some guidance. Attend shows prior to taking the big leap into the ring yourself and observe protocols and procedures.

Main Registration Pedigree Certificate
An example of a Pomeranian Main Registration Pedigree Certificate


Pomeranian Show Essentials

Show Trolley

A show trolley is vital for shows. It doubles as a place to keep your dog in at each dog show and it’s also a place to put on for grooming and last-minute touch ups prior to hitting the ring. Also, it’s useful for wheeling equipment from the car park to ringside and back again. Aluminium trolleys are generally very light and strong enough for Pomeranian dogs.

Pomeranian Show Trolley
Pomeranian Show Trolley

Pomeranian Grooming Equipment

Pomeranians are a double-coated breed and need various items of Pomeranian show grooming equipment to guarantee he’s perfectly groomed.

You’ll need a variety of products including: a slicker brush, pin brush, comb, normal scissors, thinning scissors, hairspray, nail clippers, baby wipes, talcum powder, spray bottles and more.

At the shows, observe your fellow Pomeranian exhibitors preparing their dogs, what products they use and how they utilise these products. Ask your breeder for guidance on grooming products required.

Pomeranian Grooming Equipment
Pomeranian Grooming Equipment

Dog Show Lead for a Pomeranian Puppy Australia

Dog show leads for a Pomeranian puppy must be fine, but strong. Pomeranians are shown on very fine leads. Some exhibitors like glitzy show leads with beads, while other Pomeranian show breeders Australia prefer thin plain cord leads.

Exhibit Number Holder

Your dog will have an exhibit number. This number is collected at the Show secretary’s office on the Show day, as well as a catalogue listing all dogs entered that day. The armband displays your exhibit number and is simple to wear and won’t be in the way.

Camping Chair

Whether it’s just a morning show or one that lasts the whole day. Camping chairs make it more comfortable because you can spend a great deal of time sitting around and end up last on the show list. You can purchase such chairs in shops including Kmart at the lower budget end right up to a really comfortable chair from a camping outlet. You can spend $8 right up to and over $200.


Because the majority of shows are run outdoors, it’s wise to buy a gazebo. Weather is very unpredictable and  the show will go on, regardless of rain, sun or hail.

Odds & Ends

There will always be a variety of other things you’ll require at shows. The list includes: a packed lunch, water for you and your little friend, doggie treats, cash to buy things at various stalls, baby wipes, tissues, towels, spare shoes, insect repellent, umbrella and stand and a waterproof jacket.

Sportsmanship at Dog Shows

Nobody likes a bad sport. Never forget that you’re on show as much as your furry friend. It might be fine to bitch and moan in private but in, and around, the ring, keep your opinions to yourself. The Pomeranian show dog scene is a small community and they love to talk, so pretty much anything you say will be heard or shared. A humble winner is also a good loser.

Pomeranian Show Grooming

Grooming is vital for his overall presentation and it’s critical when it comes to showing your Pomeranian. New Pomeranian exhibitors must learn all the tricks on grooming your Pomeranian like a show dog. Pomeranian show grooming is not difficult, but learning a suitable and correct Pomeranian show cut for your pom dog takes many hours of practise.

How to Groom a Pomeranian for Show

Purchase a copy of my Pomeranian Grooming eBook. Quickly learn correct grooming your Pomeranian like a show dog procedures and how to trim a Pomeranian for show.

Final Thoughts on How to Show a Pomeranian Show Dog

Always keep your head high and when the show day is over, remember that you’re still going home with the best dog on the planet. If you want respect,  earn it! Always remember that humility is vital, whether you win or lose. Always ask questions and the biggest thing of all…always have fun!

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