History of the Pomeranian in Australia

Cups and Trophies won by the "Leicester" Kennel of Pomeranians The "Leicester" Pomeranians where owned by Mrs Sandford of Caulfield, Victoria. Mrs Sandford, prior to her marriage was the well known Dancer, Miss May Till of London.

The earliest mention of the Pomeranian Dog in Australian publications is in an article from The Western Australian Times in 1875.I quote this article: “A few seasons ago, no lady’s equipage was complete without the accompaniment of a fleecy white terrier, a Pomeranian, or a pug. “In 1879, an advertisement in the Melbourne Argus offered … Read more

Pomeranian Dog Imports into Australia

Pomeranian Judging Adelaide 1917

Over many decades Australian Pomeranian breeders have imported dogs into Australia to improve the Pomeranian breed. During the 1920’s Pomeranians arriving in Australia included the following: Golden Eagle, an Orange Male, born in 1923 arrived in Melbourne. Golden Eagle was owned by Miss C E Hessey. Golden Eagle had won a 3rd Prize at Crufts … Read more

Supreme Champion Pomeranians


Australian Pomeranians who have gained the title of SUPREME CHAMPION : SUPREME CHAMPION is the highest conformation award in the Australian dog world. The Pomeranians who have won this award are the “cream “of Australian Pomeranians. Australian SUPREME Champion Crouchent Wunda Boy Australian SUPREME Champion Dochlaggie Desoto Australian SUPREME Champion Chriscendo Can You Believe (Imp … Read more