(This list is a work in progress. Contributions are very much appreciated and Australian Pomeranian breeders who would like to list their imports and their contribution to the Pomeranian in Australia please contact via email)

During the 1920’s Pomeranians arriving in Australia included the following:

Golden Eagle, an Orange Male, born in 1923 arrived in Melbourne. Golden Eagle was owned by Miss C E Hessey.
Golden Eagle had won a 3rd Prize at Crufts prior to arriving in Australia.

Bubbles, an Orange Female born 1924
Bred by C H Burton and imported into Australia by Miss C E Hessey.
Bubbles was a granddaughter of the famous site Sundawn of Dara.

Gold Wing Boy, an Orange Male, bred by Mr Faulkner of Bolton, England was imported by Mrs Charlotte Henderson and later sold to Mrs A Anderson.
Gold Wing Boy was sired by Bee Wing Boy and his dam was Dolly.

In 1928 Mrs Esler imported from the famous Minegold kennels. The early Pomeranian imports into Victoria were registered with the Victorian Poultry Association. Then Canine Control Council, based at Temple Court, Collins Street, Melbourne.

One Pomeranian Riverleigh Reflection, imported by Miss Isabel Fowler was registered with the Kennel Club England, The Kennel Association of N.S.W. NO 7703, The Victorian Kennel Association No 1327 and also the Victorian Poultry and Kennel Club No 1004.

Riverleigh Reflection, bred by Miss Abbott was sired by Riverleigh Byne out of a daughter of the famous Flashaway of Dara.

In 1929 Miss May Till, of London dancing fame married Ernest Sandford and settled in Caulfield, Melbourne. Bringing to Australia the world famous Kennel of Leicester Pomeranians. Mrs Sandord’s Pomeranians were Orange and Orange-Shaded sables bred from England’s best- Offley, Minegold, Brooklyn, Sunbright and other famous strains.

Coquette of Leicester arrived in 1929. Bred by Mrs Ashey of Surrey, England. Coquette was a bright orange Female sired by Radiant of Dara.

Echo of Derla, an Orange Male arrived in Australia in 1929.

I’m Lovely, an Orange daughter of the famous Woodfield Diamond King was imported into Sydney by Mr J. Cook. I’m Lovely was sold to Mrs L. McGregor in 1935 and then in 1937, I’m Lovely was owned by Miss H Plowright.

Erimus Merry Boy was another important import. Owned by Mrs H Storer of Hawthorn, Victoria. Erimus Merry Boy was listed as a Brilliant Orange on his pedigree.

During the 1930’s :

Mary Helpmann (Sir Robert Helpmann’s mother ) imported Red House Cock Robin. Mrs Helpmann lived in Toorak, Adelaide at the time. Redhouse Cock Robin was born 1934 and arrived in Australia 1935

During the 1940’s:

Mrs Rita Elser imported many Pomeranians,

Britona Gold Gift an Orange Male arrived from Dublin in 1949.
Britona Gold Gift was a grandson of Tollgate Honey Dew ( Bonny Ideal X Woodfield Rene )

Kelvin Golden King arrived from Belfast in 1949. Whelped in 1946, Kelvin Golden King was a son of Golden Emblem of Dara and could trace his ancestors back to such greats as SunCherub and Shelton SunSpot.

During the 1950’s:

Mrs Esler imported from the famous Hadleigh Pomeranian kennel of Mrs Dyke.

Hadleigh Honeybee, a son of Hadleigh pride, out of Hadleigh Sable Queen. Honey Bee was born 10th August, 1950 and arrived in Australia in 1951.

Following in 1952 were the bitches, Sunshine of Hadleigh and Hadleigh Lady Gay

Olga of Erimus, a granddaughter of Hadleigh Pride arrived in Melbourne.
Olga of Erimus, a Sable was bred by Miss Sladen and owned by Mrs F Charnley of Camberwell.

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