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Are you dreaming of bringing home a fluffy, adorable pomeranian puppy? Whether you’re a first-time Pomeranian owner or an experienced pet parent looking for the newest addition to your family, locating the right breeder is essential.

Not only do reputable breeders ensure they breed healthy Pomeranian puppies with sound genetics, but selecting one who follows ethical breeding practices and adheres to a thoughtful breeding program when caring for their dogs is essential.

Here, we’ll explore what to look for when choosing registered Pomeranian breeders in Australia:

If you’ve set your sights on owning a Pomeranian, taking the proper steps to ensure your pup meets your expectations is crucial. With so many options available, thoughtful consideration is critical. Your priority should be choosing a reputable source to purchase from.

While you may not be able to predict your puppy’s physical and emotional growth, you can have faith in the person you’re buying from. Here are the four types of breeders you could choose from:

  1. Pet Shop or Dealer – This is the worst option. The pups are viewed as merchandise and sold at a high profit without the proper care. Impulse buying at a pet shop is no way to choose a pet to join your family.
  2. Puppy Farm – Another bad option. Purchasing a puppy from a puppy farm can have long-term negative consequences, both for the animals involved and the buyer. Puppy farms, often prioritizing profit over the well-being of their animals, tend to operate with minimal veterinary care, poor living conditions, and a lack of socialization for the puppies. This can lead to severe health and behavioral problems in the dogs, which can be emotionally and financially draining for owners. Furthermore, these facilities don’t adhere to breed standards, which ensure the breed’s health, temperament, and physical traits are maintained. By ignoring these standards, puppy farms contribute to the deterioration of the breed’s quality and can perpetuate genetic disorders.
  3. Backyard Breeder—This is also a poor choice, as backyard breeders often need to learn more about the breed and seek to profit quickly. They may not care about the breed’s health problems or standards; their main goal is to produce puppies as quickly as possible.
  4. Preservation Breeder—This is the best choice. The best Pomeranian breeders are reputable breeders passionate about the breed and prioritize breeding small-size, healthy, quality Pomeranians bred to the ANKC breed standard. They are responsible for every puppy produced and stand behind every dog they sell.
Registered Pomeranian Breeders: How to Find a Pomeranian Puppy
Pomeranian Puppies

Tips for Selecting the Perfect Breeder for Your New Pup

When choosing your breeder, choosing a Preservation Breeder is the best option to ensure the health and quality of your new pup.

Selecting a responsible breeder for your new puppy and someone from the preservation breeder group is essential. Surprisingly, low-quality pups from puppy farms, pet stores and backyard breeders are often sold for the same or even higher prices than high-quality puppies from dedicated hobby breeders.

Pomeranian Puppies for Sale Australia
Pomeranian Puppies for Sale Australia

Reputable Pomeranian Breeders

Reputable Pomeranian breeders in Australia, usually affiliated with breed clubs and local dog groups, dedicate significant time and effort to raising quality Pomeranians who excel in companionship and competitive arenas. 

These breeders, recognized for producing Australian champions and even supreme champions, start socializing puppies early to ensure they become well-adjusted adults suitable for various roles, including therapy dogs or family pets for homes with small children. 

Ethical treatment and a commitment to the breed’s health and welfare distinguish these breeders from irresponsible ones, offering a pet and a family member who best suits your lifestyle. Australian breeders usually provide:

  • Lifetime support.
  • Standing by their dogs and their owners.
  • Ensuring a grand champion in every sense, whether in a show ring or as the best exhibit of companionship in your home.

ANKC registration does not guarantee the breed’s quality or commitment, so how do you identify a serious and dedicated preservation breeder? While some Pomeranian breeders will only meet some of the criteria, the list below outlines the attributes and characteristics of a reputable preservation breeder.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions and hold Pomeranian breeders to these standards – a dedicated, reputable show breeder will take pride in meeting them. If your breeder fulfills these qualifications, you can trust that you’re making a good choice.

Pomeranian Breeders Checklist

Finding a responsible breeder who follows ethical practices is crucial when searching for a Pomeranian puppy. Here are some essential things to look for:

  • Choose a breeder involved in local and national dog clubs and competitions. This shows a commitment to the breed and a willingness to learn and improve.
  • The practice of breeding dogs without first proving them in the show ring is a significant red flag. The show ring isn’t merely about aesthetics; it is a regulated environment where dogs are evaluated for adherence to the breed standard, temperament, and physical health. Breeders who bypass this critical step typically bypass the opportunity to check for and weed out undesirable traits, focusing instead on producing and selling puppies.
  • Ask for references and visit the breeder’s premises to ensure the environment is clean and the puppies are well-socialized.
  • Look for a Pomeranian breeder who provides written instructions on feeding, training, care, grooming, and health and vaccination records.
  • Ensure the dog breeder allows you to have the puppy checked by a veterinarian to confirm its health.
  • Expect the dog breeder’s responsibility to continue after you take the puppy home. Many reputable breeders ask that the puppy be returned if you can no longer care for the dog.
  • Be prepared to answer questions about your lifestyle and puppy care plans. Responsible breeders want to ensure their puppies go to loving homes.
  • Look for a breeder who requires neutering to ensure the animal’s health and prevent puppy mills.
  • Prospective buyers should be wary of being swayed by cute videos and photos that mask the reality of the breeding environment. Genuine, responsible breeders will always be transparent about their breeding practices.

What To Look For When Searching For Australian Pomeranian Breeders

I have recently heard some disturbing news… people are buying Pomeranian dogs or puppies in Australia from people they believe are legitimately registered Pomeranian breeders. They’re under the assumption that just because a breeder is “registered,” it guarantees that the dog is a pedigree, purebred Pomeranian puppy. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the truth. I’ll explain further.

Owing to changes in animal breeding and animal-keeping laws Australia-wide, anyone selling or giving away a puppy, cat, etc., must now have a source or supply number. This number is called a BIN in Queensland, and in Victoria, it’s called a PER number. It’s a Breeder Registration Number (BRN) in South Australia.

This source number must be displayed in many Australian states on all animal sales and giveaway advertisements. ANKC Pomeranian breeders must only provide their ANKC membership number in some states. In Victoria, ANKC members’ advertisers must display their “PER or Pet Exchange Register” number. A State Government Department, the Department of Agriculture, issues the Per or Pet Exchange Register number.

From 1 July 2018, anybody in South Australia wanting to breed cats or dogs for trade or sale must register the animal with the Dog & Cat Management Board. This doesn’t only apply to pedigree breeds. It also includes anybody whose animals produce litter by accident.

If you breed and want to sell, you must be registered with the relevant Government department in your state and have a supply or source number.

These government changes now mean that anyone can call themselves a registered breeder.  Having a source or supply number means this seller has obtained a supply or source number from their state government department to advertise puppies. It DOES NOT mean you’re purchasing a purebred animal. Anyone can apply for this type of “registration.”

What’s a Registered Breeder
What’s a Registered Breeder

What’s a Registered Pomeranian Breeder?

Dog breeders often get called “registered breeders” once they join a breeder association or club/association that runs a register or stud book. ANKC-registered Pomeranian breeders are required to pass a dog breeding exam before being issued a prefix.

To register a litter of Pomeranian puppies on the ANKC register, the breeder MUST be the registered owner of a prefix. A registered breeder will have a registered breeder prefix with their ANKC state body, and their breeding dogs will have blue pedigree certificates.  The breeder of any litter is the owner of the puppy’s mother.

Now, you want to know what a breeder prefix is.  This prefix is like a surname for all the dogs a breeder ever breeds. For example, my prefix is “Dochlaggie,” I call my breeding Dochlaggie Pomeranians. This prefix appears before the name of every puppy bred by each breeder.

Just because someone is registered with one of these bodies doesn’t guarantee they’re responsible or satisfy good animal welfare standards. A dog can only be classified as a pure-bred pedigree if the breeder is registered with a member body of the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) and has a stud prefix—member bodies of the ANKC, for example, Dogs SA, Dogs VIC, or Dogs QLD.

All Australian Pomeranian breeders registered with ANKC state bodies must register every puppy in every litter they have bred with their State’s governing body. Then, the Pomeranian puppies can be sold with registration papers from the ANKC’s state body or relevant office.

Each puppy is issued a number, which will appear on the registration papers, along with three generations of the family history of the new Pomeranian puppy.

A pedigree is the same as a birth certificate, showing three generations of his family tree and proving that he’s purebred. All breeders registered with the ANKC are governed by a strict Code of Ethics listed on their websites, e.g., Dogs SA, Dogs VIC, or Dogs QLD websites.

The ANKC can supply every puppy with one of two types of registration papers (Main and Limited).

The ANKC issues two types of registration papers: MAIN and LIMITED. Each puppy bought from an ANKC breeder comes with its own pedigree.

Every other dog registry, including the Australian Canine Registry, ABR, ICBS, MDBA, etc., is not affiliated with the ANKC, so it can’t provide certified Pedigrees.

Registered Pomeranian Breeders 
How to Find a Pomeranian Puppy
Registered Pomeranian Breeders How to Find a Pomeranian Puppy

Examples of The Correct Pedigree Paperwork for Registered Pomeranian Puppies:


Main Registration Pedigree Certificate
Dochlaggie Pomeranians Main Registration Certificate Pedigree

This blue one is rarely given to a pet owner because it’s only for owners wanting to breed or show the dog. Dogs required for breeding, exhibition, or export must have a main registration, which is always the blue pedigree paperwork.

The official term is MAIN REGISTRATION. There is no “MAINS” registration. Usually, only inexperienced breeders and owners refer to the main register as “mains.”


Dochlaggie Pomeranians Orange Limited Register Pedigree

This orange pedigree is classified as “limited registration” for pet puppies. It tells people your dog IS registered as pedigree but isn’t allowed to be bred or shown.

Most show Australian Pomeranian breeders usually only sell pet puppies with a limited ANKC registration. Anyone breeding with a limited register Pomeranian can’t go on to register the puppies with any ANKC body if either parent has been put on a limited pedigree.

The limited pedigree exists for breeders to register dogs that they don’t think are good enough for show or breeding purposes but would make perfectly good pets. If limited-registered puppies turn out better than expected, dogs on the limited register can be upgraded to the main register. The breeder’s consent is required to move dogs between the main and limited registers.

How Do I Check If the Seller is a Legit Registered Preservation Pomeranian Breeder?

If you must double-check whether a breeder is a preservation-registered Pomeranian breeder, ring your ANKC State body. Suppose the breeder can’t give you the correct paperwork; WALK, nay RUN AWAY! You’re not purchasing the dog you think it is.

By purchasing from these people with only a supply or source number, you don’t receive what you wanted; you’re merely lining the pockets of irresponsible breeders.
If you see a puppy offered for sale but it doesn’t have orange or blue pedigree documents…RUN AWAY AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. Don’t fall for the scam.

Registered Pomeranian Breeders 
How to Find a Pomeranian Puppy
Registered Pomeranian Breeders How to Find a Pomeranian Puppy

Best Pomeranian Breeders List

In Australia, top-tier Pomeranian breeders can be found through reputable sources like the Pomeranian headquarters website, which lists renowned breeders nationwide. Having acquaintances with these breeders, I can vouch for their professionalism and dedication to the breed’s welfare.

If you encounter any problems or need guidance in selecting the right Pomeranian for your home, please contact me directly via my Dochlaggie Pomeranians website. My connections and experience in the Pomeranian community in Australia can be a valuable resource for potential owners, ensuring a trustworthy and supportive journey in finding your perfect Pomeranian companion.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, reputable Australian Pomeranian breeders, known for their dedication to the breed’s excellence and ethical treatment, play a pivotal role in nurturing well-rounded Pomeranian puppies.

These breeders, often part of a breed club and adhering to ANKC breed standards, focus on a breeding program that ensures each Aussie Pom, from the adorable orange sable to the fluffy coated supreme champions, is socialized from an early age. This preparation aims to make them suitable for various roles, including being a beloved family member in homes with small children, a competitor in the show ring, or even a therapy dog providing comfort to those in need.

Reputable Pomeranian breeders in Australia are committed to producing quality Pomeranians characterized by their small size, thick double coat, and show quality. Their long-term approach goes beyond just selling a puppy, offering lifetime support to ensure that each Pomeranian finds the new home that best suits its temperament and needs. This commitment fosters a bond that exemplifies the breed’s wonderful characteristics, providing you with the peace of mind that your Pomeranian will always be cared for.

These reputable Australian breeders take immense pride in their work, not only in their individual efforts but also in their collective contribution to the Pomeranian community. They actively participate in local dog groups, adhering to breed club resources and engaging in responsible breeding practices, fostering a sense of community and shared passion among Pomeranian enthusiasts.

They ensure that the Pomeranians are ready for their new homes and any show awards, types of shows, and even agility, conformation, and dance trials that await them. The journey from the breeder’s small kennel to the grand champion podium or a loving family’s arms is made with care, emphasizing the adorable dog’s quality, good health, and the joy it brings to its new family.

Choosing a Pomeranian from reputable Australian breeders means embracing a wonderful breed known for its fluffy coat, engaging personality, and suitability as a companion. It’s a choice that comes with the assurance of ethical breeding, quality care, and a deep understanding of what makes each Pomeranian a unique and cherished addition to the family.

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Pomeranian Breeders Australia: Find Pomeranian Puppies
Pomeranian Breeders Australia: Find Pomeranian Puppies


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