Toffi Pomeranian Sladdin

Toffi Pomeranian Sladdin

Hi this is all about my gorgeous adorable loving little man. On the 20th of January 2014,  Toffi came into my life.

I had been searching for quite awhile to find the right breeder of Pomeranians and after a couple of scams !!! I was lucky enough to find Denise at Dochlaggie who had exactly what I wanted,  a  beautiful  3 year old tiny boy called George (Toffi).

I went with my daughter to pick him up and felt I had a connection straight away, he was so tiny 1.8 kilos. On the way home he did not take his eyes off me, and that has never changed.

The first few months he would have nothing to do with anyone apart from my Grandchildren and myself and growled even at my Daughter. He was my little security guard ! Toffi often goes to my back fence and barks and growls at the large dogs like he is the size of a Rottweiler but that’s what makes him special to me. He is my companion, I am 62 and have never lived by myself. I owned my own children’s clothing shop  for  over 15 years  called Toffi Apple thus Toffi been given his  name !! I was always kept very busy, so it was a challenge for me  to retire.

I have a wonderful family but still thought I would be lonely and bored ha!  Not to be,  Toffi made sure of that ! He melts my heart and keeps me busy. He loves to sleep right next to me while I watch t.v., he is not keen on walks so I carry him to pick up my grandchildren from school, he loves the attention and pats he gets.  He also likes to go for trips in the car to the country. It has taken a while but he finally trusts my family and a lot of my friends, he even lets them pick him up which I never thought would happen. But at the end of the day he is and always  will be my TOFFI and my SECURITY GUARD !!  And I am forever grateful  to Denise for allowing me to have such a beautiful and loving Dochlaggie Pom  to love to bits. Love Cheryle.