Pomeranian Dog Breed Information

Pomeranian Characteristics

General Appearance The general appearance is listed first in the standard and is the very first thing noted by the judge at a show. It’s often the only part of a dog that people who are sitting ringside get to see. The Pomeranian is the smallest member of the Spitz family. A Pomeranian is a … Read more

History of the Pomeranian in Australia

Cups and Trophies won by the "Leicester" Kennel of Pomeranians The "Leicester" Pomeranians where owned by Mrs Sandford of Caulfield, Victoria. Mrs Sandford, prior to her marriage was the well known Dancer, Miss May Till of London.

The earliest mention of the Pomeranian Dog in Australian publications is in an article from The Western Australian Times in 1875.I quote this article: “A few seasons ago, no lady’s equipage was complete without the accompaniment of a fleecy white terrier, a Pomeranian, or a pug. “In 1879, an advertisement in the Melbourne Argus offered … Read more

White Pomeranian Dog Information

White Pomeranian Puppies

What is a White Pomeranian? An all white Pomeranian dog should be a solid white colour with no lemon or cream shadings. The guard hairs and the undercoat is also white. White Pom dog eye colour must be very dark, if not black. Adult white Pomeranian dogs must have black points i.e. black eye rims, … Read more

Pomeranian Dog Health Problems

Champion Pomeranian Dog

What Health Problems Do Pomeranians Have? It is important to understand all dogs may experience health issues common to their breeds, including x breed dogs. In the case of Pom dogs, the following are Pomeranian common health problems. Luxating Patella Pomeranian Though the term “luxating patella Pomeranian” may sound confusing, it simply means a knee … Read more

How to Show a Pomeranian Show Dog

Pomeranian dog

Where Do I Start to Exhibit my Pomeranian Show Dog? You’ve decided you wanted to learn how to exhibit your Pomeranian show dog,  but you are not even sure if he is a show quality Pomeranian.  You don’t know where to begin, well you are at the right place, Pomeranians Australia is here to help … Read more

Stop Pomeranian Chewing, Pomeranian Biting and Pomeranian Nipping

Stop Pomeranian Chewing Problems

Learn How To Stop a Pomeranian From Biting and How to Prevent Pomeranian Chewing Some Pomeranians have their owners home all the time. Others have to be on their own if the owner works all day and nobody else is home. In both scenarios, Pomeranian chewing problems and Pomeranian biting are hard habits to break, … Read more

Pomeranian Dog Imports into Australia

Pomeranian Judging Adelaide 1917

Over many decades Australian Pomeranian breeders have imported dogs into Australia to improve the Pomeranian breed. During the 1920’s Pomeranians arriving in Australia included the following: Golden Eagle, an Orange Male, born in 1923 arrived in Melbourne. Golden Eagle was owned by Miss C E Hessey. Golden Eagle had won a 3rd Prize at Crufts … Read more

Pomeranians Melbourne July MEET-UP 2019

Melbourne Pomeranian Meet Up Winter 2019

Pomeranian dogs together with their owners enjoyed a fun time at the 2019 Melbourne Pomeranian Meet- Up. Melbourne weather was perfect with bright sunshine and beautiful clear skies. Pomeranians of most shapes, sizes, colours and ages joined in the fun at this Pomeranian picnic for Pom dogs and the Pom dog owners. Cinders, who is … Read more

All About Pomeranians

Queen Victoria's Pomeranians

Where do Pomeranians Come From? The Pomeranian is believed to have descended from wolf-spitz-type dogs which at some early period, migrated to Pomerania from the north of Russia and Siberia—sharing the same ancestors with many other Nordic breeds, such as the Samoyed, Schipperke, and Keeshond. Why Were Pomeranians Bred? These early spitz-type dogs were used … Read more

Melbourne Pomeranian Meet-Up June 2018

Melbourne Pomeranian Meet-Up June 2018

Despite the weather a large group of Pomeranian lovers and owners gathered at the Dog Cafe in Boronia to enjoy a happy gathering of owners and fluffy Pomeranians.